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About Us

We are an international logistic operator that develops strategic solutions to improve all supply chain processes.

General Information

Founded by Angel Rodríguez, Arlogs is a logistics operator with more than 15 years of experience in all supply chain of international solutions, we have professionals trained to resolve the queries of our clients and partners.

All the necessary information

What negotiation terms (Incoterm) do you handle?

We operate mainly in groups E and F (EXW, FOB, and FCA), but if you have Incoterms of group C (CIF, CFR, CPT) we can assist you with your nationalization process.

What are the nationalization times?

Our nationalization times range from 1,3 and 5 business days depending on the type of capacity, but we have an excellent customs agent profile, which allows us to handle the largest number of imports as automatic.

What information do they need to know to be able to quote?

We need to know:
– Your incoterm
– Collection address (Applies for FCA and Exwork)
– Number of pieces (Packages)
– Dimensions and weight per piece
– Commodities

In how many days will my shipment arrive?

During the quotation, you will be informed about the transit time of the carrier.
Transit time depends on the loading port or airport of departure of the cargo.

How much will I pay in taxes?

In the country, imports have different taxes and the most common are: Advalorem, FODINFA and VAT. The amount payable of your taxes will depend on the type of cargo, type of merchandise you import, and its country of origin, as well as other factors that will be explained to you during your quote.